Capt. Alexander Macnab

A Queen’s Ranger Fights Napoleon at Waterloo The Battle of Waterloo is widely recognized as a major turning point in modern western history. On June 18th, 1815 a combined army of British, Prussian and other allies routed Napoleon in Belgium ending his career as a military and political leader.  Two hundred years on, the name ‘Waterloo’ is synonymous with ultimate defeat.  One of the thousands … Continue reading Capt. Alexander Macnab

Private Desmond Taylor

Nearly 75 years after his suicide, Private Desmond Taylor of The Queen’s York Rangers (1st Americans) (RCAC) was remembered by members of Regiment in a ceremony at his graveside near St. John the Baptist Norway in the Beaches neighbourhood. “His story is tragic but this small act of remembrance shines light on a forgotten history and is a reminder that military leaders have an obligation … Continue reading Private Desmond Taylor

Captain A.G.E. Smith, MC

When the 20thBattalion, C.E.F. was stood up in 1914, recruits were drawn from across southern Ontario, including many volunteers with previous military service.  One of these men was Alexander George Edwin Smith. Smith was born on the 14th of August, 1880 on the Six Nations Reserve near Brantford, Ontario.  Like many members of that community he served in the local militia, the 37th Battalion, the Haldimand Rifles, where … Continue reading Captain A.G.E. Smith, MC

Capt G.D. Black, DSO, MC

The role of the Queen’s York Rangers in the Second World War was limited to its necessary though dull duties on the home front, and the individual exploits of the many men who were trained by the Regiment and who joined other units overseas.  One of these individuals, who served with great distinction, is Captain Graeme Delamere Black.  Black was born on the 9thof May, 1911 … Continue reading Capt G.D. Black, DSO, MC