Castle Frank

When John Graves Simcoe was the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, he received a 200 acre tract of land on which to build an estate in the name of his young son, Francis. Like all of the country lots sold at the time, the plot stretched from modern day Queen Street (then Lot Street) in the south to what is now Bloor Street in the … Continue reading Castle Frank

Captain A.G.E. Smith, MC

When the 20thBattalion, C.E.F. was stood up in 1914, recruits were drawn from across southern Ontario, including many volunteers with previous military service.  One of these men was Alexander George Edwin Smith. Smith was born on the 14th of August, 1880 on the Six Nations Reserve near Brantford, Ontario.  Like many members of that community he served in the local militia, the 37th Battalion, the Haldimand Rifles, where … Continue reading Captain A.G.E. Smith, MC

Queen’s Ranger Colours

Since Antiquity, military units have traditionally fought with a standard, which served as a visible rallying point in battle.  During the Revolutionary War, according to British Army custom, the Queen’s Rangers had two sets of colours: The King’s Colour, a flag that displays the Union Jack with the Regiment’s badge at the centre, and the Regimental Colour, bearing the badge against a background of the … Continue reading Queen’s Ranger Colours

HCol Darrell Bricker

Darrell Bricker is the Chief Executive Officer, Ipsos Public Affairs, an organization that conducts corporate reputation and social research around the world. The company is a division of Ipsos, the world’s second largest market research firm having offices in 25 countries and a staff of over 700 research professionals. Dr. Bricker holds a PhD in Political Science from Carleton University in Ottawa and a BA … Continue reading HCol Darrell Bricker

Capt G.D. Black, DSO, MC

The role of the Queen’s York Rangers in the Second World War was limited to its necessary though dull duties on the home front, and the individual exploits of the many men who were trained by the Regiment and who joined other units overseas.  One of these individuals, who served with great distinction, is Captain Graeme Delamere Black.  Black was born on the 9thof May, 1911 … Continue reading Capt G.D. Black, DSO, MC

Lt W.L. Algie, VC

Wallace Lloyd Algie was born on 10 June 1891 at Alton in Ontario, Canada, the son of James and Rachel Algie. His father was a medical doctor whose practice covered Peel County, near Toronto. The family later moved to Toronto itself. Algie was educated at Alton Public School and when his schooling was completed, he worked in banking before entering the Royal Military College of Canada. After graduating as a lieutenant, he … Continue reading Lt W.L. Algie, VC

Regimental Guidon

As a unit of the Armoured Corps, The Queen’s York Rangers possess a Regimental Guidon.  Graciously approved by HM The Queen, the design features the badge surrounded by its Battle Honours.  The Guidon was formally presented to the Regiment in 1984 on the occasion of the City of Toronto’s 150thanniversary. The white rams on the guidon signify that although the Regiment is part of the Armoured Corps … Continue reading Regimental Guidon